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   Mitsubishi  XD3500u
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 Mitsubishi's Overview:


Large-screen reproduction of high-quality images. Breathtaking and powerful. But image quality is not the only improvement to our large-screen projectors. Mitsubishi Electric's new projectors are designed for easy installation and maintenance, superior operability and a comfortable viewing experience. Welcome to the future of high-lumen projectors.

Operation Simplified with Mitsubishi Electric's User-friendly Design

New Color Wheel System

Dust can easily accumulate on the color wheel sensors of previous models.
But the sensor in now mounted in the rotary shaft motor casing, which is almost fully enclosed, making it much less likely for dust to collect on the sensor.

Filter Free

DLP™ projectors are structurally airtight, therefore an intake filter is unneeded, eliminating filter changing and lowering costs.

New Lamp Drive System

Up until now, the electrodes in the lamp deteriorated more quickly when using the projector for long periods of time, resulting in a loss of brightness. These projectors incorporate an optical design that optimizes lamp operation to realize a lamp drive that makes it possible to stabilize the shape of the electrode during long-term use. As a result, the maximum lamp service life is obtained for every projection mode and loss in projection brightness is extended over a longer period of time.

Long 4000hr Lamp Life

The XD3500U has a lamp temperature controlling system that enables a lamp life of up to 4000hours.(*1) Long-life lamps make dramatic reductions in overall cost of ownership by reducing the frequency of lamp replacement.

Side Access Lamp & Center Lens Designs

The lamp can be accessed from the side of the projector, simplifying the replacement process, as the projector does not have to be turned around when sitting on a shelf or turned over when suspended from the ceiling.
The center-set lens design makes set-up easy since the projector lens need only to be aligned with the center of the screen.

Quick Lens Change

The top cover has a cut-out around the lens.
This advanced feature enables the lens to be changed without removing the entire top cover.

Ultra-quiet 26dBA Operation

The fan noise from a projector can be annoying during a presentation or videoconference. But with the adoption of a hermetically sealed color wheel and improved air duct path, that's a thing of the past. The XD3500U has a significantly low fan noise of only 26dBA (lamp in Low mode). As a result, audiences can enjoy presentations and conferences with the distraction of projector noise.

The air duct flow design has been improved so that fan noise doesn't interfere with the intake-air flow. Additionally, the fan noise is blocked from direct exit, realizing a significant reduction in operation noise.

User Logo Projection

A user-created image (logo, picture, etc.) can be loaded into the projector and used as the start-up image or the stand-by screen.

Stunning Beautiful Colors & High-quality Design

Brilliant Color™, one of the latest innovations from Texas Instruments, produces amazingly rich and vibrant colors. We developed a 5-segment color wheel (R, G, B, W and Y), and combining it with Brilliant Color™ and selective lamp-powered modulation techniques, the XD3500U intelligently reproduces colors that improve the intensity and vibrancy across the entire screen.

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 XD3500u Specifications:

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CategoryVenue (med) XGA
Projection System0.7" DLP(1) 
       Colour Wheel Speed 
       Colour Wheel Segments 5 Segments (RGBWY)
Special FeaturePicture in Picture
ResolutionXGA (1024 x 768)
       Aspect Ratio4:3 ( native)
Contrast Ratio2500:1 On/Off
Brightness (Lumens)5000
       Product CodeVLT-XD3200LP
       Type330 / 264W  
       Life (hours)2000
       Economy (hours)4000
       Replacement RRP?
       Our PricePlease Call 1300 88 11 79
       Warranty90 days/500 hours
       HDTV1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
       BNC5 BNC (RGBHV)
       Component VideoYes
       Composite VideoRCA
       Digital InputHDMI 1.2, DVI-D
       Network PortLAN (RJ45)
       PC VGA
       PC-Less PresentationNo
       Screen Trigger5v Trigger
       USBUSB B(mouse)
Network Support 
       WiredWired LAN
       FocusPower Focus
       ZoomPower Zoom (1.42x)
       Lens ShiftPower Lens Shift
       Horizontal Lens Shift9.9%
       Vertical Lens Shift+50% -9.2%
       Optional Lenses4 Lenses (see pdf brochure)
       Colour Depth16.7 Million Colours
       Throw Distance Min  m
       Throw Distance Max  m
       Progressive ScanYes
Keystone CorrectionKeystone Correction
           Horizontal (+/- Deg)Yes
           Vertical (+/- Deg)Yes
PositioningTable Ceiling Front Rear
       Dimensions (cm)45 x 18.7 x 37.3
       Weight (kg)10.3 kg ( 22.66 lbs)
Remote Control 
       Speakers10W Mono
       Fan Noise 
       Eco Fan Noise26 dB
Warranty2 Years Warranty
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Our Price (inc GST)$
LaunchedJanuary 2010
DiscontinuedAugust 2012
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