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 ProjectionDesign's Overview:


True HD digital eCinema projector

The new projectiondesign cineo30+ 1080 is the first true HD single chip 1080p projector to utilise Texas Instruments® new BrilliantColor™ technology to its full extend. With better colours, a higher dynamic range, and a much better image quality than any single chip DLP™ projector before it, it has been designed to fit into demanding applications such as post production and grading suites, or larger auditoriums and cinemas

The cineo30+ 1080 responds to market requirements where more brightness, more power, and a higher image quality is needed. With full 1080p HD and a wide range of brightness and configuration options, it prime time.

BrilliantColor™ technology

By utilising BrilliantColor™, the cineo30+ 1080 has a wider gamut, with better colour saturation, and truer colours than ever before. New colour wheel technology allows adding not only RGB, but also Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow to the picture, which means less colour contamination, and extra saturation to the natural colours that are incredibly difficult to display with only red, green, and blue primary colours. In addition, BrilliantColor™ adds mid range punch and extra brightness, allowing for a much more dynamic video experience, and with better suitability for larger sceens.

Designed for reliability

The cineo30+ 1080 shares numerous features with its professional product siblings to provide failsafe operation. At the heart of the projector sits the patented DuArch™ illumination architecture that allows for Hot Swapping of lamps while still in operation, and keeping the image on screen. DuArch™ features dual colour wheels, dual illumination optimisers, and dual illumination optics. For monitoring, a backlit LCD status panel is available for immediate and configurable status overview and events logging. In addition, direct view status lights are available, driven by the lamps themselvs, so there is no doubt whether all systems are OK. It also features complete control and asset management over TCP/IP from any remote computer, using standard tools.

Configuration options

The cineo30+ 1080 can be set up with any one of six different projection lenses, covering a wide range of projection ratios, from ultra wide to ultra long throw, ensuring it fits in any installation. Matching that with the range of available colour wheels, and most requirements should be taken care of.

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 Cineo30 1080 Specifications:

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CategoryHome Theatre 1080p
Projection System0.95" DLP(1) 
       Colour Wheel Speed7x
       Colour Wheel Segments 6
Special Feature 
ResolutionHD (1920 x 1080)
       Aspect Ratio16:9 ( native)
Contrast Ratio7500:1 On/Off
Brightness (Lumens)6500
       Economy 4500
       Product Code7400-0400-00
       Type300W  UHP
       Life (hours)1700
       Economy (hours)4400
       Replacement RRP?
       Our PricePlease Call 1300 88 11 79
       Warranty90 days/500 hours
       HDTV1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p
       BNC5 BNC(RGBHV)
       Component VideoYes
       Composite VideoRCA
       Digital InputDVI-D
       Network PortRJ45
       PC VGA
       PC-Less PresentationNo
       Screen TriggerNo
Network Support 
       TypeNo Lens
       Lens ShiftPower
       Horizontal Lens Shift45%
       Vertical Lens Shift55%
       Optional LensesYes (see pdf)
       Colour Depth16.7 Million
       Throw Distance Min  m
       Throw Distance Max  m
       Progressive ScanYes
Keystone CorrectionDigital
           Horizontal (+/- Deg)Yes
           Vertical (+/- Deg)Yes
PositioningTable Ceiling Front Rear
       Dimensions (cm)51 x 22.3 x 37.6
       Weight (kg)12.6 kg ( 27.72 lbs)
Remote Control 
       Fan Noise 
       Eco Fan Noise30 dB
Warranty2 Years Warranty
Recommended Retail?
Our Price (inc GST)$
LaunchedFebuary 2007
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